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(+2 Chemistry guide tamil & English medium )
Vellaiyur Po,Gangavalli (Tk),Salem - Dt.


                            Plus two sri narayana chemistry guide has been written for +2 students. Sri narayana guide book author for Mr.P.SAMPATH.,M.Sc.,B.ed.,M.A.(Edu).,B.A(Eng).,PGDCA. Many plus two students do not have a good background in chemistry. Sri narayana HSC guide is especially written with these students in mind. Our guide language is simple.

                             Hsc Sri Narayana Guide explanations clear and presentation very systematic. Concepts that usually confuse the students are explained in a step - by - step manner. Our commitment to quality is total.

                            We feel that this is a big time saver and essential to quick learning and retention of the subject matter.stress is on understanding and not on memorization. Our guide has been revised at sentence level,streamlining the presentation ,improving explanation and updating a hundred small details.

                            Sri narayana chemistry guide is best for compulsory problem (Q.NO:70) , this guide published on 2009 after every govt public question paper problem asked from sri narayana guide . as a check on your understanding ,you must do the end of chapter practiced model problems. It is important to write your answers to the problems rather than simply to envision the answer in your mind.

                             See if you can answer the compulsory problem yourself,and then check the answers sri narayana guide. If your answers are correct ,you have reasonable mastery of the material.

1. Guidelines: are provided to help students understand concepts that are considered difficult and catch careless mistakes before exams.

2. Be an active learner: We hope the students will enjoy and benefit from the experience of learning chemistry as presented in this guide.

3. Aim and objective:

  • our target is your success and we are committed to make that happen.
  • To publish our guide for the students under tamilnadu state board ,so that they can understand the subjects chemistry fully and can improve their learning skills..
  • To publish free govt public model question paper 2014 for physics,chemistry,biology tamil& English medium. One mark full portion questions paper added in this site.
  • This type of question paper very useful for +2 students.
  • SSLC study material for all subjects,TRB,TET.
  • To give free education for online +2 students & 10 th students.



Before studying the lessons ,you must read the eight years key points given in this guide.you should aware of giving separate marks to 3 marks,5 marks and Q.No 70 .we always lose our marks by forgetting few words (or)sentences eventhough you have written the answers like in the text book.your answer sheets must contain the given key points ,then only you can get full marks.

Note: Some of the teachers are saying that this keypoints will change each and every year.but this is totally wrong.99.9% of key points were same.if there is any change occurs it is possible any one the keypoints will change .it was confirmed though our research.

5. Simple tips to get pass marks:
Dear students !
                             You should practice first,all the one mark questions.for this purpose,it has been given self evaluation question bank freely attached to this guide.conduct yourself a test by answering this questions using question bank.the check out for the answers.you have to practice 100 times .till now in the public exam they were asked upto 22 questions from the self evaluation.you have to get 30 marks for passing the exam,so you must well prepared by selecting any one of the lesson from f block elements ,Atomic structure,solid state.if you want to get more marks you have to practice 3 marks ,5 marks,important questions asked from the questions.i wish you all the best your success.

Simple way to get 150/150 marks :
The part in which all the students who will low marks
Totally three parts:
1)one word 2)solving problems 3)method of answering
1.One word:
i) chemistry is more unique subject rather than physics,maths,biology because in this subject they are asking more self evaluating questions (19 to 22) from the text book in the public exams .
ii)in this guide it contains book back question with answetr key that students can easily self evaluate themselves.
iii)from the self evaluating questions we can easily get 22 marks.but we have to answer the remaining (8 to 10)questions to achieve the target of 150/150 marks.
iv)we must get ready by concentrating the lessons whicg will ask more one word questions based on the blue print to get remaining 10 marks in one word.(note:one mark book published by parents teacher association is enough to practice well.)
2.solving problems:
i)most of the students get confused to answer the chemistry problems.to change this attitude ,this guide will help you that it contains solved problems from question bank and also with answers.students should worked out this problems and can get 10/10 marks easily.
ii)70 a) Hydroxy Derivatives b)d Block elements or c)carbonyl compounds d)Electro chemistry
iii)from the above given four lessons students can select any two lessons from their own choice and practice the solved problems using this guide.you will solved get 10/10 marks.
iv) 99.9% of the given questions from this guide asked in the public exam.we can say surely hereafter also.because,this guide contains answer for solved problems asked from practice problem published by govt,govt model question paper (I to v),govt public exam (mar 2006-march 2012).it is enough to practice the problems given in this guide.
3. method of answering:
Dear students,

  • many students expected that they could get 150 marks in the public exam by answering the 30/30 one marks and 10/10 in the compulsory problems correctly.but this is not a fact ,they would get stopped at 145 to 149.because of their method of answering the questions.
  • You must aware ,in the public exam paper valuation they have given keypoints for each and every questions .
  • Marks should be given only if the concerned points must be in the concerned answers.
  • to get 150/150 marks, you must answer the question given in the text book by using your memory power. There is no chance of bring get less marks.

One mark+ solved problems+ Method of answering = 150/150
(Answering very careful)

Talented students must answer of seeing the blue print it has given, at which lesson in which part will ask in which question number.so, students can get full marks by reading less no.of.lessonbased on the blue print.

Here the tips for the students to get success without fail and to get 150/150 in chemistry exam….

  • 1.While answering the one mark questions write the desired option and don't Forget to write the question number.
  • 2.Students should avoid to convert the one step answers to two steps in rules,differences and statement type of questions.
  • Note:In some of the public exam we have to write 6 points to get 5 mark. For example,
    IUPAC convention to write an Electrochemical cell
  • In this type of questions ,1/2 marks given to some steps and 1 mark is given to some steps.for this type of questions we should keep the points in mind while answering.
  • 3.1/2 or 1 mark should be allotted for 5 mark questions contains diagram.so you have to prepare well to draw the diagram and to mark the parts in very short time.
  • 4.When we think of chemistry ,equations strikes our mind at once.so that you need to pay more attention like equations and symbols types of questions and write that several time yourselves.
  • Note: many pupils neglect the equation parts because they think of that is very difficult,but it is not true.maximum marks is given to only this equations in the public key points.for explanations they give 1/2 or 1 or 2 marks only. But for 3 marks questions they give full marks this equations.they give full marks for explanation only in definition type of questions.
  • 5.Even the average students can get full marks in chemistry if they write several times the public key points.
  • 6.get ready for exam by using the blue print.this blue print ,you came to know which lesson for which question number so that you can avoid reading more no of lesson and can get full marks by concentrating less no .of lessons.while preparing for the exam by choosing the selected lesson ,you must through the book back questions and important interior questions with the help of teacher and then only you can score full marks and also you never feel the question paper is difficult.
  • 7.students those who are tring to get 150/150 marks must know most of the self evaluation one word questions (maximum 22 marks )were asked. so you have to practice these one words and also question bank PTA and District level Govt Question paper.
  • 8.while preparing the compulsory problem ( Q.No:70)they has been given practice problem from d-Block elements ,Hydroxy derivatives,carbonyl compounds ,electro chemistry -I by referring 5 govt model question papers published by PTA. Further you should practice q.no 70 asked in public exam from march 2006 - 2013 questions.for this questions (Q.No 70) Sri Narayana 150/150 guide provided the solution for this problems including worked page of multiplication,Division.
  • Note: by verifying March 2006 to March 2013 Public exam question papers ,we came to know that most of the questions in q.no 70 were asked from old govt questions.this is very helpful for the students those who are very eager to get centum in chemistry.here after this guide will help you to get success in chemistry.my best wishes to you.
Your's lovingly,